Baby's First Outfit: Did You Save It?

When I was pregnant the first time, I bought my daughter her first outfit shortly before she was born -- a Hanna Andersson sweater outfit that is purple and gray with white snowflakes and that cost way more than any outfit that would get pooped and spit up on really ever should.

She wore it through that winter, but once she was three months old, the spring had rolled around and that gorgeous outfit that looked almost handmade (if we knew anyone that talented) was relegated to the back of the closet. And later that year, when I was going through everything she owned to make room for her fall clothing, I put everything in a bin marked "to give away." Everything except that outfit.


To date, it's hanging in my study, above me as I type, dangling from a curtain rod, too small to fit my kids, too beautiful to give away. So, you can imagine my joy when I came across this hanger.

The beautiful wooden hanger can be engraved with information about your child, but it also got me thinking about other ideas for the first outfit.

Dress a teddy bear: A few people I know bought a teddy bear that would fit the outfit and then placed that bear on their child's bed.

Make a quilt: If you are feeling very ambitious (and talented), you can make a quilt of your baby's first few outfits and hang it on the wall or lay on a bed. If not, hire someone to make a quilt.

Have it preserved: My wedding dress is currently sitting at the family lake house in a "keepsake box" saved allegedly for my daughter. The same might be done with baby's first outfit.

Put it in a display case: Not much to say about this one.

Use it as a doll outfit: If you don't mind it getting a little abuse, let your children put the outfit on their dolls.

In the end, make sure to take plenty of photos of them in it because they will outgrow it in a New York minute!

What did you do with your baby's first outfit?

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