Brawling 101: Put Down the Baby Before You Start Swinging

Daniella Blanchard and Ruth BlanchardYou would think a tiny, sweet baby in your arms would stop someone from wailing on you ... at least long enough for you to put the baby down. But you would be wrong in the case of a trio of women in Delaware who injured a 3-month-old baby in their brawl.

Last week, two women -- Daniella Blanchard, 30, and Ruth Blanchard, 23 -- went to the home of a woman they thought was having an affair with Daniella's boyfriend.


They busted their way into the victim's home and found the victim hiding in a bedroom, holding her 3-month-old nephew.

Then the fighting began, during which the victim fell forward onto the baby.

He was taken to the hospital, and fortunately only suffered minor injuries.

So much fault here, including the 21-year-old so-called victim. She called 911 before the Blanchard girls broke in, so she had time to put the baby down. Did she keep him or pick him up as a shield of protection?

The Blanchards are in jail with bonds of $40,000 each, which seems pretty low considering what could have happened when a full grown woman falls on an infant.

So ladies, if you're going to brawl, step away from the children. Or better yet, just don't.

Have you ever been in a physical fight?

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