Day Care Costs More Than College. I Believe It.

day care costs more than collegeNo one had to show me the study that shows last year parents spent more on day care than it costs to go to college in some states.

For the first year of my baby's life, I had a pre-schooler also, and the combined full-time care was almost $3,000 a month. I went to a state University that didn't even cost that much for an entire year. With inflation, it probably still doesn't.

Apparently I was getting off lucky, as the average New Yorker (where I was living at the time) pays $19,000 a year for one child's day care. I sure didn't feel lucky when my paycheck disappeared.


The study also says child care can cost more than your mortgage. Yep, it certainly cost more than our mortgage every month. And we wonder why so many women take "the mommy track."

While California child care has proven to be much more affordable, it's still a huge chunk of our income. The article states that federal guidelines recommend you not spend more than 10% of your income on child care. How is that possible if you don't have a happy grandparent willing to work full-time for free?

We really can't wait for our oldest to start Kindergarten so we can save a load of cash. And that makes me sad.

Where is that year-long paid maternity leave when you need it?

Does your day care cost more than your mortgage, or what you paid to go to college?

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