'Teen Mom' Baby Daddy Drama: I Relate

I so wanted to hug Maci of MTV's Teen Mom this week during the binky war with her ex-boyfriend and baby daddy Ryan.

This past week, Maci was trying her hardest to wean their 18-month-old son Bentley from his binky. She spent a couple afternoons frustrated by his screaming and had a very early morning wake-up call (read 4 a.m.) but toughed it out because her son needs to get off the pacifier.

Later that day, she handed her son off to his father, asked him not to give him the binky on his weekend (can you see where this is going) and then picked him up a couple days later with -- you guessed it -- a pacifier in his mouth.

All her hard work? Gone. Back to square one. And oh man, have I been there.


It is not that I want to bash my husband. He is a wonderful, caring attentive father. And he has done the bedtime routine for the children since birth, but we are really struggling right now with some sleep troubles and my husband, loving as he is, simply cannot handle them.

Better put: he chooses the easy way out.

Our daughter, now 3.5, has her daddy totally wrapped. She says jump (usually in a whine-y tone) and the hubs is there, hopping away.

Lately, the bedtime routine has gone from bad to worse with daddy now sitting in the room for upwards of three hours, fetching water, preparing snacks and shooing monsters. By the time he gets out of the room, it is well past 11. I am exhausted and he is in a bad mood.

I kept telling him he needed to lay down the law, he kept telling me it was "too hard."

So last night, I did it. I kicked Rob out of the room despite her screams and thrashing. I gave her a stern talk about sleeping and health and routines. I listened to her scream some more. And then I picked her up and held her for "one minute" until she calmed down. I lightly tickled her back for "two minutes only" and then she was ready to be alone. It was hard, no doubt. I got kicked while she thrashed and I hate to hear her scream.

But was it worth it? Two hours of MTV's Jersey Shore and a good "cuddle" session later, I can officially say, yes. Yes, it was.

It seems to me that many men are only interested in the short-term solution to problems and are not willing to put in the painful work it takes to really solve the issue. And these kinds of disagreements make for pretty big fights and unhappiness, especially in families that are living apart like Ryan and Maci.

So, what do you do when you and the hubs don't see eye to eye in parenting?


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