Aniston, Bundchen & Ugly Babies: Best Reader Comments

jennifer aniston single momIt's the best of reader comments -- celebrity edition! Whether we're buzzing about the latest star statement, or railing against formula companies, these respondents had some funny, poignant and interesting thoughts on this week's hot topics.

Here are the best reader comments.


Christie suggested we chuck the baby food and go straight to whole pieces. Robin M Melovi had a cute, and relieved response:

Heh. I started off my littlest one jam sandwiches instead of baby food this time around because it was easier and she could eat it. Nice to know I'm not strange.

Michele had the Le Leche League weigh in Gisele's comments on breastfeeding. What will hopefully be the final word came from Ashlynnsmommy07:

I agree with breastfeeding, but don't agree with people forcing their opinions on everyone else. I think if she hadn't said there should be a law no one would care.

Christie called for stricter testing and transparency for companies that produce formula. Ethans _momma06 gave her thoughts as well:

I absolutly positively 100% support formula testing. Formula is not at a level that it needs to be and that is after HOW many years of it getting to 'The best yet ever!'? IMO this isn't about whether or not to formula feed. This is about making sure that the quality of nutrition our infants are recieving is the best that they can be. Since formula has to be an option for some people, that means that formula needs to be at the top of it's game. No more lying from the companies- lets have the truth so we can move forward. And if the 'top of the line' formulas are equivilant to generic then those who are recieving from the government can save the other taxpayers some money by recieving generic.

Sasha shared the Ugly Babies website with us and asked if we thought babies could even be ugly. An honest, funny response from fryshannon34:

I look back on some of my daughters baby pics now and think omg they are not as cute as I thought they were.

Michele called out men who don't approve of breastfeeding. Katie P. talked about a really nice experience with a stranger:

some men might, luckily for me I have (never) met anyone (man or woman) who has ever had a problem with me trying (I never got milk in so it was literally only trying)

One time at a car shop I went outside to BF since there was a man in there and I did not want to make him uncomfortable. It WAS hot outside. After about a couple of minutes he came out to say that he would be the one to wait outside so I could go back in where it was air conditioned.  I have only had experiance like that while trying to BF.

Julie talked about Jennifer Aniston's "single mom" statements and SKL offered her own positive view of single motherhood:

I'm a single mom by choice. I'm 43 and have two 3-year-old daughters. It's not "easy," but I don't believe motherhood is ever "easy."

Yes, I have sole financial responsibility for the three of us. But, I never have to argue with anyone over money (yet!).

Yes, I have full responsibility to manage the house. But, I don't have any responsibilities to look after any aspect of a man's needs.

Yes, I am responsible for helping my daughters to grow up and meet their full potential. But in this respect, nobody needs to feel "alone." My kids are surrounded by people who love and care about them. My friends, my family, their teachers, coaches, neighbors, etc. Ultimately, the buck stops with me, but I am very much OK with that.

One thing I would say is that if a woman decides to be a single mom, that's fine, but she ought to have a nest egg and a support network before she brings the baby home. That way she has some cushion in case her child has some special needs or in case anything happens to her job, etc.


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