What If Baby Hates Tummy Time?

Tummy TimeMy baby HATED tummy time. Every minute of it. Really, every second of it.

He would be a happy, smiling baby, lying on his back beneath his activity mat. He would be cooing and kicking, but then he would start screaming as soon as I flipped him from his back to his belly.

I knew tummy time was important. The best way to help a newborn build muscle tone is to provide some tummy time. But I also knew I wasn't doing it very often because he would cry and I am a softy and I would give in and pick him up.

I wanted to do the right thing for my baby, but I didn't want to make him miserable either, so I wondered, how much tummy time does a baby actually need?


According to Dr. Greene's website, if you have a baby who is much happier lying on their back, start with short episodes of a minute or two multiple times per day, and eventually your baby should be able to tolerate longer periods.

If your baby still cries, don't despair -- you can make it easier for both of you. Try laying your baby across your lap when it's burping time, or you could try to position her face down on your arm when you are carrying her to get used to the idea.

One of my favorite suggestions is to place your baby belly down on your belly or chest so they can still see you -- and you can see them.

Thank goodness, between 4 and 6 months, once your baby is strong enough to roll over, this will not be an issue and tummy time will be more fun and less of a scream-fest.

Does your baby hate tummy time?


Image via VirtualErn/Flickr

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