4 Sisters, 4 Babies, 4 Days: I'm Jealous!

The Pazos family has four reasons to celebrate this month. That's because four sisters, all in the same family, all gave birth within four days of one another.

Bet August is going to be a fun month in that family in the years to come -- holy birthday parties, Batman!

The sisters, who are all in their 20s, claim it was unplanned and the doctor who delivered three of the four in the Chicago area (the fourth was in California) called it "unusual but wonderful," according to the AP story.

Is it wrong that this story made me crazy envious?


My husband and I have come to the realization recently that the likelihood of my children having first cousins is, in the words of Flo Rida, "low, low, low ...." 

In fact, my sister is eight years younger than I am and nowhere near ready to have a baby. Meanwhile my husband's older brother has zero interest in children and has taken some drastic measures to prevent conception.

So that leaves only my babies, who are spoiled and loved by their grandparents on both sides, but are likely to be a little lonely at family gatherings.

Now I feel the pressure to have a third (and fourth and fifth ...) just so my kids have someone to play with. I might have to go all Duggar.

Do stories like these make you envious, too?


Image via BrentDPayne/Flickr

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