Separation Anxiety: For Baby or Mama?

Baby Explores the World

Next week, little Kavi starts daycare. She'll be 6 months old.

She's been a happy baby from the start, but lately she's been getting a bit clingy. It's almost as if she knows the fate that is about to befall her. (Which still makes me really sad.) And she's been showing some signs lately of separation anxiety.

This should be fun.


We've got a lot of family nearby, and she gets along swell with her Nani and Nanoo, Meena Masi, and even my brother Tarun. And she absolutely adores her papa. He scores smiles from her and she's positively gleeful when he comes home from work. It's really cute -- she's just started this thing when she wants you to pick her up, lifting her arms and rocking a bit on her legs, like, "Here, I am, pick me, pick me." So sweet.

Lately, though, when it's bedtime at least, she just wants me. Or if we meet someone new, she won't be as easy-going as she once was. She'll still maybe crack a smile at a stranger, it's just a lot slower to come. It's almost like she's a little world-weary already, as if that was possible. Or maybe she just senses that the safe little world as she knows it is about to change completely. I hope she's ready for it. I hope I'm ready for it.

I've seen separation anxiety before in other kids -- I know it's a stage that's almost inevitable. But man, do we ever have the timing perfect. I'm about to start my grad program in two weeks, so papa's taking on evening duties. And of course, there's the whole day care thing.

We've got to get a system in place now so that she gets used to the idea. I was thinking about taking her in a couple of days so she can get accustomed to it, while I hang out in the background to see how she's doing. Or maybe we just have to go whole hog and hand her over? She'll be going for five hours a day, which just seems like a lot of hours to be away from your little one in one fell swoop.

Ack! I wonder if it's really Kavi who's having the separation anxiety. Perhaps it's just me.

How did you get your little one comfortable with her care-givers?

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