Are You an 'Obnoxious' Parent Like Katherine Heigl? I Am!

Katherine HeiglKatherine Heigl says when it comes to worrying about all the baby milestones with daughter Naleigh, she and Josh Kelly may border on the obnoxious.

"I think Josh and I started to get like those obnoxious parents that are a little, like, 'What's wrong with her? Why isn't she walking yet? What are we doing wrong?'" Heigl told of their concerns when Naleigh wasn't walking at 17 months.

Personally, I don't find that kind of parenting behavior obnoxious, I find it inevitable.


It's especially understandable for the couple to worry since Naleigh had open heart surgery as an infant for a congenital heart defect. How can you not worry after undergoing something like that?

When my son was born three months early, I was exactly like Heigl, watching and waiting for all the milestones. I knew all the dates he was supposed to achieve each and fretted when he didn't.

I tried my best to keep my worries to myself, but I couldn't help but probe any parent I could about what and when their children were achieving their milestones. I'm sure it came off as obnoxious at times, but I wanted reassurances and comparisons to see where he was.

Somewhere along the line, I relaxed a little and realized he would do things on his own time table, and that even if he was going to be slow to walk or talk or skip, there wasn't much my stressing about it was going to do.

With my daughter, who was born with no complications, I'm much less "obnoxious," but I still worry. In fact, like Heigl, I stressed a lot about my daughter not walking (she is now) and plenty of other things along the way ... and still do.

Parenting is flat-out scary, and there are so many unknowns and little feedback to tell us if we're doing everything (or anything) right. Sometimes I think we cling to those milestone guidelines because they're one of the few semi-concrete things we get when we take on parenting.

Worrying is a natural part of the gig; it's the parents who pretend they have it all under control without a care in the world that I find truly obnoxious.

Are you an "obnoxious" parent?

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