Are All Ugly Babies White? Can Babies Even Be Ugly?

Even when they have cradle cap, a blue tinge, infant acne, and a mullet, 99 percent of mothers think that their newborn baby is beautiful. Ugly Babies R Us is devoted to the other 1 percent.

Those scrunchy faces, feathered mullets, bug eyes, and noses that sit slightly askew -- ugly? Maybe. Cruel? Perhaps. It's also uproariously funny. Being mean is kind of hilarious, it seems.

I have always been one of those people who thinks all babies are lovely, but this site may make a convert out of me. And I must admit that even the photos of my own son at about 2 months (seen here) are slightly terrifying in a prehistoric way. Of course, at the time, I thought he was stunning. Which I guess he was, just on the opposite end of what I thought.


Research shows that ugly babies get less love than their beautiful counterparts. According to an article from Time, "An oft cited -- and deeply disturbing -- Israeli study once showed that 70 percent of abused or abandoned children had at least one apparent flaw in their appearance, which otherwise had no impact on their health or educability."

Hmmm ... ugly babies? Maybe not so funny after all? Nah, never mind. Still pretty friggin' funny.

One of the comments on the site alluded to the fact that "all the ugly babies were white," which made me laugh because one of my friends (who is Asian-American) told me quietly that my daughter was the only white baby she ever thought was cute.

Is that true? Are white babies "uglier" than others?

So many questions. So many ugly babies. Maybe I need to change my "all babies are cute" model?

Image via Sasha Brown-Worsham

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