'Teen Mom' Recap: Maci's Baby Daddy Ryan Is Such an Idiot

I can't get enough of MTV's Teen Mom. Four episodes into the second season, and we've got teens in couples' counseling, a marriage proposal, and grandma pleading not guilty!

Teen Mom Amber and Gary
Amber makes Gary propose, then tells him he's doing it wrong.

Another week, so that means another major relationship drama for Amber and Gary.

This week, the pair take little Leah to Florida for her first trip to the beach -- which is too cute, because she hates the sand and the water. In any case, the teen parents quickly learn that a day at the beach with a little one is, well, not quite a day at the beach.

Anyway, so then they get a solo day at the beach and the topic of marriage comes up again -- because Amber bullies Gary into asking her. Then yells at him for doing it wrong. The proposal pretty much sums up their entire relationship. It brings "staying together for the kid" to a whole new level.

But these two aren't the only pair dealing with relationship drama this week.


Catelynn and Tyler -- the pair who gave their kid up for adoption -- are going to couples' counseling. Self-help savvy Tyler's upset that Catelynn's got all these walls up and has been acting up by chatting with her ex, whom Tyler didn't know existed until recently. Eeeps! He wants to trust her, but he's having trouble. Man, these kids are bonded by their kid, but maybe this just isn't meant to be. After all, should 17-year-olds really be doing couples' counseling?

Then there's poor Maci. I get the whole "she's made her bed ..." thing, but man, her baby daddy Ryan is SUCH an idiot. Maci's trying to get little Bentley off of the binky -- apparently 18 months old is too old? -- and he's having a rough time. That's what's so great about this show. It's probably the only one on TV where you see real moms dealing with these everyday parenting issues.

Teen Mom Ryan and Bentley
Ryan takes the easy way out when it comes to Bentley and the binky.
Anyway, Maci's naturally worried about papa Ryan plugging the pacifier into little Bentley's mouth whenever he acts up in the slightest. He seems like he'd take the easy way out, and let her deal with the consequences. Plus, she has plenty of reason to worry. Ryan still hasn't bothered to introduce her to his new girlfriend, who's been spending time with Bentley. And it's the girlfriend (who actually doesn't seem that bad) who ends up telling Maci that poor Bentley had a big time accident, banging his little noggin on a table, while Ryan was "watching" him. Ryan probably wouldn't have bothered to mention it at all -- and Maci would've watched it on TV with the rest of us. Oof. Anyway, all of this really has Maci thinking hard about whether she should introduce her new beau, Kyle, to Bentley. She says she could see herself marrying Kyle, albeit "in like 20 years," so she knows that Bentley's gotta approve.

And of course, no Teen Mom recap would be complete without the next chapter in the saga between Farrah and her abusive mom. After icing Farrah out during Sophia's birthday party last week, Debra still hopes she'll get to spend some time with her grandbaby. But she's still denying that she's done anything wrong. Still, she plea bargains so that the case can get resolved. That doesn't mean that Farrah's forgiven her though. Debra even brings Farrah's old baby book to their meeting to show how much she loves her. Farrah hangs tough though. Her parents' financial support comes at too great an emotional cost. She seems to be a lot better off without her mom's interference -- even if that means she has a hard time paying all her bills. I'm sure a lot of us can relate to that!

What did you think of this week's episode? What did you think about the binky?


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