Are Formula Companies Charging You & the Government More for False Promises?


Enfamil/Mead Johnson lost a lawsuit
over this lie of an advertisement.
Formula companies constantly push ethical boundaries in their advertising. They sweet talk people into thinking their products are amazing and that they hold the key to optimal brain health or have created the newest chemical compound that gives a baby x-ray vision.  

Okay, not quite, but lots of their ads are purely hyperbole.

Lots of these new additives that claim to make your baby into a Superman have never even been tested by the FDA or the USDA, so it's possible these so-called "functional ingredients" don't do anything at all. Some, such as the lab-created mock-DHA, have been shown to be detrimental to babies and even nicknamed "The Diarrhea Formula" by L&D nurses, which has spurred a movement to put a warning label on cans containing it. Yet DHA is still toted as an amazing ingredient your baby desperately needs unless you want them to have the vision of a bat and the IQ of a goldfish. 

Activist group Moms Rising has put together a petition to encourage the Senate in its upcoming review of WIC's benefits to get independent scientists to really study these "functional ingredients" to see if they actually accomplish anything -- especially what the company claims -- and if it's worth the estimated additional $91 million of tax money WIC spends annually on these top-of-the-line formulas. They want the study results available as well for moms (and dads!) who purchase formula with their own paychecks.

To read or sign the petition, click here.

Do you think formula companies exaggerate or lie about their special ingredients? Do you pay for brand name formula?


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Melan... MelanieLouise

Absolutely, formula companies lie!! They lie through their teeth just to make a buck! I would never buy formula when I make something that formula companies are trying (and failing) to reproduce, and mine's completely free!

Poste... PosterOfAGirl

I agree, formula companies lie! I think it's so sad too. Formula should be there for those mom's who can't breastfeed and it should be made very thoughtfully and carefully with those tiny babies bodies in mind, not how much money they can make by dooping people and making things as cheap as possible.

Phils... PhilsBabyMama

Of course they lie!  It's all about the bottom line! And no, I don't pay for brand name formula.  My son was exclusively breastfed.  All the "free" cans of formula I got were given away or returned to the company. :/    I'm glad you posted this.  I've already signed this petition and written my senator.  I encourage other moms to do the same.  This isn't about what's better breast milk or formula.  This is about families and taxpayers getting HOSED when they are guilted into payingfor overpriced, undertested formula

Ashly... Ashlynnsmommy07

I had to supplement with my older daughter for 3 months & I hated it! I think they are lying and deceiving people when they say it's close to breastmilk. 

tazdvl tazdvl

I have bought brand name and store brand before. How is formula supposed to be tested? You going to give a baby an eye test? How would you even know if it was the formula not doing something or a problem they would have anyway? You complain about the money being spent for wic but you want more spent for studies? I can tell you my kids are just fine, and I wasn't guilted into was feed my kids or let them starve.

RanaA... RanaAurora

I'm not quite sure I understand, tazdvl.  Are you saying you're AGAINST having formula ingredients go through testing to make sure they're effective and even safe?  You don't feel that formulas should be tested to make sure it's worth the money spent by the taxpayers both directly and indirectly?

There's no insult to formula-feeding here.  None whatsoever.  What this petition is about is not letting formula companies add whatever they want and claiming it does things it possibly doesn't, or things that even are potentially hazardous.   Where's the downside?

I would think folks who have to or choose to use formula would be at the forefront of the discussions to make sure they're not being duped or ripped off.

carso... carsonsmommytam

I formula fed my son after breastfeeding failed. I am all for the testing. Why wouldnt you test it? And i do think the formula companies lie just like most other companies out there, just to sell thier product! Tazdvl, why would you not want it tested. Who cares how they test it? Dont you want whats best for your baby? I know i do! I dont understand why you are getting defensive because they want to test the formula? Do you own a formula company? If not i would think you would want whats best for your kids, and all kids alike and ingredients that havent been okayed by the FDA and proven harmful, are good for no one. Sounds like a no brainer to me........Going to sign the petition now! RanaAurora, thank you for this info :) Great post!

ankle... anklebitr


Formula for my oldest (store brand).  Breastmilk for my youngest.  I agree with carsonsmommy.  I feel formula companies should HAVE to back up their claims and no be able to put untested/uneeded chemicals in it. 

frysh... fryshannon34

I always bought the store brand formula


Obviously formula companies "exaggerate" (lie) about what formula can do. Testing would be great,  but I am sure they will avoid that at all costs,  because it will just prove even more what we already know..  there is no way to make a formula that is anywhere close to being healthy as what babies are made to eat.

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