Padma Lakshmi, Boob & Bottle: Baby Food News!

padma lakshmi feeds her babyI must be hungry -- every link I'm loving has to do with what babies eat. Some good news from the Top Chef host, and some really bad news from China.

Here's what's happening in baby news:

  • One nursing mom writes about the guilt and shame that can consume early motherhood when you feel judged for your choices. Even though she was nursing, using nipple guards equalled breastfeeding failure. Let's all try not to make new moms feel this way, 'kay? -- Salon
  • Chinese baby girls are growing breasts thanks to the bovine growth hormone found in formula produced in China. Experts say it could also have made its way to the U.S. Solution? Breastfeed and buy organic, BGH-free dairy products. Oh, and be pissed off enough to protest. -- The Huffington Post
  • And in even more eating news, Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi talks to ParentDish about how she feeds her baby. She keeps it simple, and tells you how you can do the same. -- ParentDish


Image via david_shankbone

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