Ouch! The Best Biting Solutions for Your Baby Vampire

baby biting solutionsThose sharp-toothed milk-suckers can leave behind a mark -- or marks -- that is no joke. Whether nursing or launching themselves at your neck (this has actually happened to me), babies can bite so hard it brings blood. Which makes one wonder if they are, indeed, trying to suck every last bit out of you.

Since your baby is not old enough to be tamed by bribes, time-outs, or reason, try these suggestions from around the web to keep your skin intact.


Just Say No

Parenting magazine says that babies as young as 9 months understand the word "no." Perhaps they haven't met my little chomper, but it's worth it to give a consistent "no biting" any time teeth touch skin.

Keep 'Em Close

Breastfeeding.com explains that your baby can't bite the nip if he's in position correctly, which includes the entire areola in his little vampire mouth. If he's nursing well, but pulls out to take a nip, push him closer so he's not able. Alternately, dinnertime may be over.

The Bait and Switch

Have a teether handy if your baby is starting to nip the nip. When he opens to bite, switch your boob for a teether.

Leave the Scene of the Crime

One mom on About.com says that when her baby bites another one when they're out and about, she knows it's time to end the play date.

How do you handle a bitey baby?


Image via Sam Pullara/Flickr

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