'Bad' Father Assaults 9-Month-Old Daughter

It must be the Week of the Total Effin Dirtbag. First, we have the man who got an 11-year-old pregnant and now this SOB gets arrested in New Hampshire for assaulting his 9-month-old daughter.

At least Jason Teixeira, 25, the accused father, had remorse (as if that makes it any better). He called himself a "bad father" and was tearful about his attacks, which left his infant daughter with bruising to her head and stomach and even her internal organs.

This was not the first time Teixeira did something like this, either. He has been in trouble in the past for abusing his other daughter as well as other women in his life. The mother of the 9-month-old whose name is Mya said that he once returned the child to her with a dented skull. Teixeira's own mother said he's mentally unstable and that he gets a "look in his eyes" that tells her he's lost it.

She's the one who called the police.

So, here's my question: Why is this man still seeing this baby?


If anyone returned a baby to me with various bruises and a dented skull, you better believe I would figure out a way for that person never to see my child again.

I know family court can be difficult to navigate and I know that we all probably want to believe the best about our relatives, but any man who would abuse a baby like this should have been publicly executed long ago.

I just don't understand continuing to let a precious 9-month-old be in his care when he has proven over and over that he's a complete piece of crap. It's one thing if he was hiding the abuse, but he wasn't. Or, at least he wasn't hiding it well.

Who was protecting this child? 

I guess it's good that his mother called the authorities eventually, but I'm just struggling to understand how all these people could know he was sick, know his history, and still let him be alone with an infant.

Can anyone help me get this?


Image via MyFoxBoston.com

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