5 Ways To Baby Proof Your Home That You Might Have Missed

Baby CrawlingI'm sure that my non-childbearing friends absolutely love it when I arrive to hang out with my baby in tow and start baby proofing their living room or kitchen.

When it comes to baby proofing, you can't be too careful -- especially when you have a highly spirited baby on your hands.

Even rookie moms know to watch out for sharp corners and cords on window blinds but my baby Rowan is extremely curious (and fearless) so I've learned to keep one eye on him and the other on these 5 household baby proofing dangers you don't want to miss.


1. (Somewhat) Unexpected Poisonous Substances: I make sure cleaning supplies are locked safely away in cabinets my baby can't reach but the one thing I'm always mindful of is the baby oil in the bathroom. Baby oil smells good and looks just like water, but can be very harmful -- even fatal if inhaled into baby's lungs.

2. Guests: Friends and relatives may not realize your baby can't eat a whole grape yet or that a purse sitting on an end table can be emptied in 2.5 seconds flat. You might need to watch them, too.

3. Place mats and Tablecloths: If you like to entertain you may have to put away the china and dish out paper plates. Babies are attracted to colorful tablecloths or place mats, they can maybe just reach a corner of it and pull down much more than they bargained for.

4. Choking Hazards: I'm always scouting on the floor, underneath the couch or in the play area for stray small toy pieces because there are SO MANY of them. Coins are another offender. Shiny pennies and dimes that land on the floor or tumble from your bag are irresistible.     

5. Furniture: No matter what you do, your baby will try to climb up on the changing tables and bookshelves. Just be prepared for that. What you might want to be aware of is how easily a baby can fall into, over or on top of an open dresser drawer. That makes for one ugly goose-egg on the forehead. Just trust me on that one. 

What is your best baby proofing tip?


Image via carbonNYC/Flickr

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