Woman Confesses to Hiding 4 Dead Babies in Suitcases

empty cribsThe bodies of four babies have been found, stored in suitcases, by the 25-year-old Dutch woman who gave birth to them. They were found in a closet in her parents' home where she lived in Nij Beets, Netherlands. 

While the woman confessed and told authorities where to locate the bodies, many questions remain to be answered, such as how and when the babies died.

Neighbors had been suspicious, according to CNN.


The woman explained her pregnancies away with weight loss ups and downs. In July police questioned her, and she said she'd given up three children for adoption. When she couldn't document the adoptions, police grew more suspicious, and she confessed.

Police told the BBC that her parents were unaware of the situation and aren't suspects. How that's possible, I don't understand, since he lived with them. But then again, I don't understand how any of it is possible.

This follows much too closely on the heels of the woman in France, Dominique Cottrez, who earlier this month confessed to killing eight of her babies over an 18-year period and hiding their bodies at her home.

What is wrong with these women? How many more are out there like them, who haven't been or won't get caught? And how, no matter how desperate or depressed one is, how could any woman resort to such behavior instead of seeking help?

I have no answers, just way too many awful questions and too much anger and sadness that such horrific things happen to innocent children.

Image via leecohen/Flickr

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