'Dead' Baby Revived From Coffin Dies


baby tombstoneI can't even begin to imagine the emotions of a couple in Mexico who have lost their baby twice this week.

First, the baby was born prematurely and declared dead by a doctor. But after the baby was placed in a coffin and a funeral was underway, the parents heard sounds of crying coming from within and found their baby alive.

"I opened it to look at his remains and found that the baby was breathing," the father, Jose Alvarenga, told the Telegraph. "I began to cry."

The baby girl was then said to be in stable condition, and it was one of those amazing stories of hope and overwhelming joy for the family.

Until it wasn't ...

Three days later, the baby was pronounced dead again.

The Associated Press reports that the doctor who originally declared the baby's death is under investigation.

I should hope so. How can a doctor mistake a living being, one who is strong enough to cry out loud even, for one who is dead? Did he think the baby would be better off dead, or was he just careless?

For a family to be put through such tragedy and emotional upheaval twice is unconscionable. 

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loriec loriec

Maybe the baby would still been living if the doctor wouldn't of pronounced the baby dead in the first place. The baby probably needed medical attention to help the baby breathe since the baby was premature.

I can't imagine the baby strong enough to cry  and then just die like that. It had to be a result of the doctors mistakes. 

Pishyah Pishyah

I'm all confused.  Doesn't it take at least a day for a funeral to be put together?  I think tradition says 3 days.  Not only that, did the parents not hold the baby?  Did nurses not look at the baby?  Stop placing all the blame on the doctor.  The doctor isn't the only person responsible for the baby.  I think most mothers would want to double check what they're being told, demand their baby.  Did no one else look at or touch this baby?  HOW did it survive 3 days without eating or drinking? 

Pishyah Pishyah

ALSO, aren't people embalmed before put in a casket?

Elizabeth Lisa Lobrutto Hardrick

that's awful.. how that can happen .. i mean how can a doctor just declare a baby as dead without proper tests for premature babies with underdeveloped heart and lungs.. not a doc or anything .But preemies are born everyday who have inaudible heart and lung activity ,surely.. that are not just pronounced dead..Poor thing must of had such a will to live. and to think of what she went through all ALONE ..in a dark coffin cold and hungry .and lonely .makes me want to cry ..then to actually have enough strength to cry out for her life and die for real days later probably from damage from not having any human contact and LOVE .. among other things a newborn baby needs ..makes me sick..i pray for her parents and family for their loss and Especially for always having to wonder in their mind WHAT IF .... had she received medical attention when she was born would she of actually survived... i can't even imagine.awful.


Wow, that is just unbelievable. :(

Peajewel Peajewel

Wow!  What a shocker that would be and very confusing.  I can't even imagine the pain this family is going through!

CafeM... CafeMochaMom1

Hello Julie,

How a doctor could make such a horrible mistake is beyond me. What an ordeal to put this family through by telling them their precious baby is dead. And then to find out your child is in fact alive in a coffin. This doctor definitely has a lot of explaining to do! Maybe this precious life could have been spared with the proper care being she was just a preemie.

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