First 'Test Tube Baby' Has Baby of Her Own

first test tube baby has babyElizabeth Carr came into this world via IVF 29 years ago, making her the very first IVF baby born in the United States. While IVF is as common as dads on the playground these days, when the technology was first introduced to the world, a "test tube baby" was kind of a freak show.

Some people wondered if the child would be just like the rest of us or face challenges due to her unique method of conception. Of course we now know those concerns were unwarranted, and IVF is a common solution to fertility problems.

Now Elizabeth Comeau (Carr's married name) has brought her own baby into the world.


Trevor James Comeau was born Thursday at 2:05 a.m. in Boston, weighing in at 7 pounds and 12 ounces. Elizabeth Comeau writes on that, yes, Trevor was conceived naturally.

Interestingly enough, Comeau became a journalist as a result of years of journalists interviewing her. She says she began turning the questions back around on the interviewer and realized this was the job for her.

Congratulations to Elizabeth and baby Trevor!


Image via cesarastudillo/Flickr

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