Pickles as Teethers?: Best Reader Comments

teethingWe covered all of those divisive new parent issues this week in Baby: Breastfeeding, working or staying at home, teething and potty training.

Here are the best comments of the week:


Sona reached out for some teething advice to soothe baby Kavi. A really funny option was shared by teddysmama09:

A friend of mine who's my moms age said she used to give her daughter a pickle. When DS started teething nothing seemed to help, so I threw him a dill. At first he made the funniest faces but quickly learned to love it. People always crack up when they see my little Gurkin muncher chompin on a pickle!

Julie told us about a new study that says working moms are not hampering their babies cognitive advancement. Carey2006 made some great points about this complicated decision all moms must make:

I'm a SAHM and altho I miss the paycheck, I LOVE being home with my child. As far as the study, kids are resilient & I think studies at times cause more harm to the mothers!

Michele shares a disturbing family photo with us where someone is snapping a picture of a baby and someone else (maybe Dad?) is in the background, taking a bong hit. Also seen: cluttered coffee table and prescription pill bottles. Some thoughts from ethans_momma06:

I think whether or not you agree with using pot (for whatever reason) we can all agree that it is incredibly inappropriate to do around ANY child (infant or otherwise) and that the caregiver (in this example most likely the person snapping the photo) should not be exposed to it EITHER.

As for the coffee table... well as a mother myself, I'll have to let that slide ;)

Gisele Bundchen declared there outta' be a law forcing women to breastfeed this week.  Shockingly, she had a few supporters. But HazenMommy took on the women's rights issue of this argument:

This is just another case of someone who has too much money and too much time on her hands. Women have fought for decades to be able to have freedom over their own bodies and she wants to "force" every mother to bf. Rediculous. Not every mother CAN bf. Not every mother is in a situation where bf is possible. The vast majority of new mothers work and you can probably count on one hand how many of those women can extend their maternity leave to include the first 6 months. Yes, every employer is legally responsible to provide a location in which a new mom can pump...but to most the corner stall in the public restroom is the solution. All women would be better off if she would use her super-star status to promote longer maternity leave, longer stay in the hospital post birth, more education and assistance for new moms, and more mandates protecting a woman's right to CHOOSE to bf. No wonder most of us think super models are just a pretty face covering a lot of hot air.

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