Priest Drowns Baby During Baptism

baby dies during baptismIn a horrible story out of Moldova, a 6-week-old baby and his family went to their local priest for a baptism that turned deadly.

Baby Laurentiu Gaydeu was surrounded by 20 of his family members as the priest dunked him under the water three times. His parents noticed their baby looked unwell, but the priest dismissed any concern for the baby boy's health and continued the ceremony.

A Russian newspaper reported that as it became obvious the baby was showing no signs of life, he was rushed to a local hospital. Tragically, he was not able to be revived. The baby's parents, naturally, blame the priest.


“He dipped the baby in the water without even covering the baby's mouth with his hand to prevent him from drowning,” Mr. Gaydeu said.

Baptisms have been performed for centuries, and I can't imagine how one could go so horribly wrong. The ones I've seen for babies usually only have the officiant sprinkling water on the baby's head, but dunking is a common practice. How far under was he dunking that baby?

It's awful, no matter how exactly it happened. I do hope at the very least, the priest comes under review and is not allowed to perform anymore baptism ceremonies on babies.

Would you let your baby be dunked during a baptism?

Image via Robert Bejil Photography/Flickr

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