Baby's Teething: Are Frozen Options the Best Soothers?

CafeMom cutie Lexie had four adorable teeth!

Kavi just turned 6 months old, and like clockwork, the growing pains began.

She's been drooling a lot for months. And a few weeks ago, she suffered through her first ear infection. The infection went away after we gave her a dose of antibiotics, but the low-grade fever that came with it continued on and off. That, along with the drool and the gnawing and the funny little chomping thing she does, makes it official.

Turns out she's teething. And as you can imagine, it's been just lovely for all of us.


Poor thing. We're used to her crying for a specific reason, usually a) hunger b) a dirty diaper c) tired d) gas. So this new kind of cry, starting off with a low whine and eventually giving way to a full-on wail, was both confusing and heartbreaking.

But after a few days of it -- and her happy response to the opportunity to gnaw on a toy, a hand, pretty much anything -- we figured it out.

And thankfully, we came up with a few functional solutions. First, we got her a few teether toys. Pinky the elephant has flat teether panels for his arms and legs. (Yes, Pinky is male. Don't ask me why.) But she also really digs the classic frozen teething ring -- or a nice large, ice cold carrot to gnaw on (under adult supervision, always).

Perusing the web (as I always do), I found some other interesting teething solutions. One intrepid mommy hands her kid a frozen bagel. Another uses a washcloth soaked in cold chamomile tea. Others simply froze their baby's favorite paci or put frozen fruit (or even frozen cubes of breast milk) into those little mesh feeder thingies. We haven't tried these options yet, but I figure they're worth a shot.

Sometimes, though, a teether is just not enough. When the pain gets really bad, we've been using Hyland's organic teething gel (now free of parabens, linked in studies to an increased cancer risk), which numbs her mouth just enough to dull the pain. It's not ideal because it contains traces of caffeine and a sleep soother -- though, as an active nursing chai connoisseur, who am I kidding? But it works in a pinch.

I have a feeling it will still be a few months before we see that first precious front tooth, but it should be an interesting journey till then!

What are your favorite baby teething solutions?

Image via LexsiesMommy/CafeMom

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