'Teen Mom': Debra Is Nuts, Baby Gets a Pedi & Valentine's Day Drama for All

Teen Mom on MTV
On Teen Mom, Farrah celebrates her little one's first birthday.
Three episodes into the second season of Teen Mom, it's Valentine's Day -- and that means major mama drama!

But first and foremost, can I just say that little baby Sophia is the cutest thing ever -- after my baby girl Kavi, naturally.


It's been about a month since she and mama Farrah have moved out of grandma Debra's house after the fat lip incident. Despite my misgivings last week (when Farrah left the sleeping baby unattended in the hall as she unpacked) and that bath-in-the-sink thing, they seem to be doing okay.

In fact, it's Sophia's first birthday, and they're celebrating with a girls' day out -- complete with pedicures. It's just too cute watching 1-year-old Sophia get her first one, wiggling her little toes. One thing though -- can 1-year-olds get pedicures? It kind of makes me want to paint Kavi's toenails, but she still puts her little piggies into her mouth, so I'll refrain for a bit.

So they're having a great day bonding as mama and child, until Farrah gives in to pressure to let the grandparents in on Sophia's birthday dinner. Which, of course, turns into a total disaster. Nut job Debra pretty much ignores Farrah -- and attempts to play parent -- the whole time, to the point where the teen mama can't even read her baby a birthday card. Ouch. So Farrah's not the perfect parent, but man, it really hurts to see her totally overruled like that. At least she's going to therapy to deal with it all. Most of us have been there, I think. We all have moments when our parents see us as kids, even if we're parents ourselves. But Debra is just too much. Maybe Farrah should stick to her gut and cut the cord here.

Teen mama Maci, meanwhile, is exploring new love with a college guy named Kyle -- a man she thinks just might be a good fit for her and baby Bentley. Which is more than can be said for baby daddy Ryan, whose new girlfriend didn't bother to introduce herself to Maci even though she's been hangin' with the baby. In any case, Maci seems to be the most level-headed of the bunch. And every week, there's a super-sweet moment between Maci and her little man. This week, despite Kyle and the prospect of new love on the horizon, Bentley's the only Valentine Maci wants. Too cute.

On to the major drama of the evening: Amber and Gary. Talk about your hot mess. The pair can't keep it together, even on Valentine's Day. Or maybe especially on Valentine's Day? Just weeks after their, uh, "break," Amber wants Gary to recommit to their relationship whole-heartedly. And she proceeds to tell him so, in her typical screeching, bitchy way. So when he threatens to walk out -- again -- she flips out, again. Meanwhile, poor baby Leah looks on. She doesn't seem surprised. After all, this is a regular thing for her. But you gotta wonder, do these kids realize what they're putting their little one through? The stress trickles down to her, for sure.

Then again, maybe they think they're just doing right by their kid. So are Catelynn and Tyler -- the pair who gave up their baby for adoption. This week, the two are working on healing, as a pair and as individuals. Tyler takes an opportunity to chat with a fellow birth father about dad guilt. In the end, he's realizing that he's giving baby Carly opportunities that she wouldn't have with him and Catelynn. And that makes him one hell of a father after all.

I have to say, compared to most of the reality shows on TV, this one feels really, uh, real to me. These girls may be different from me in that they're still teenagers, but in the end, they're mamas, too, and they're doing the best they can for their little ones. Just like the rest of us.

Which Teen Mom do you relate to the most?

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