Kourtney Kardashian, Poop & More Baby News

poopy diapers kourtney kardashianBaby news is oftentimes about poop. As illustrated here by some great stories today in the realm of dirty diapers and Scott Disick. I know, sometimes it's one and the same.

  • Ahh, the life of the WAHM. Even more complicated, a WAHM with no child care. If your biggest fear is a poop explosion while you're on a conference call, you might want to read this blow-by-blow account. -- The Mama Mary Show
  • Mommy Q asks if you can relate to Kourtney Kardashian. No, not in the "I'm a rich jet setter with crazy sisters" way, but in a loving your baby more than your partner way. Can you? -- Betty Confidential
  • Do you have a poopy diaper chart? Maggie of MightyGirl does. She and other ladies at Momversation talk about which parent has the better deal and how to parent equally ... or at least reap your reward for doing the heavy (poopy diaper) lifting. -- Momversation

Image via ishane/Flickr

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