Dad Does Bong Hits While Mom Takes Baby Photos: Let's Count the Other Offenses in This Picture

baby bongDude, 4:20 is not a good time to be taking photos of your adorable baby. So why don't you put the baby in the other room while dad is taking bong hits and leave him with his bag of chips and empty beer cans so he can munch himself into a stoner stupor. You might want to take the tissues with you so you can wipe your tears away after you realize what a loser your child's father is.

Too mesmerized by the blurring of the baby's eyes and that mess on the table to see what I'm talking about? Take a look at the upper right portion of the photo.

Now let's discuss ....


Okay, so it's not as bad as the Facebook baby taking bong hits ... or is it? Was mom just too excited about the cute faces her little one was making and snapped a photo without realizing she caught the illegal activity on film?

Maybe they live in Los Angeles, and the dad has a prescription for medical marijuana, so it's really okay, man. It's cool, dude.

And maybe I shouldn't judge the messy coffee table. I mean, you should see my house right now. Not the picture of clean.

I'm just worried about the secondhand pot smoke. Contact high. Stoned parents making bad decisions. You recall the heroin addicts who thought it was okay that baby had some methadone rubbed on her gums because she was teething, right? She died. Babies just shouldn't be around drugs. Or druggies with clouded thoughts. Period.

At least I see a bottle on the table. If mom is a pot smoker, too, or on a lot of pills (are those pill bottles on the table, too?), I'm glad she's not breastfeeding.

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Image via BuzzFeed

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