Mom Throws Baby Out Bathroom Window, No Charges Filed

mom throws baby out windowRebecca Himes gave birth to her baby in her bathroom, which, sadly, isn't entirely unusual anymore. But what happened next will ignite your mom rage.

After giving birth the 21-year-old Maryland woman put the baby in a plastic bag and threw the newborn out the window

Maryland has an infant safe haven law, and a 21-year-old should know about that option. Women who choose to kill or abandon their babies after birth were the reason these laws were adopted. So you can drop off your unwanted baby, no questions asked!


Luckily the baby fell into the bushes and some of the mother's family members heard the baby crying outside. The infant is now at the hospital in good condition. The Department of Social Services will retain custody of the baby and there is no information on whether another family member would step in to care for the newborn.

Himes was also taken to the hospital, and the murderous mother has been released. No charges have been filed against her, which boggles the mind. Perhaps some will be at a future date, but I'm wondering why it's not easy to charge a woman who put her baby in a plastic bag and threw her out the window with child endangerment, attempted murder ... anything?

How is she able to walk out of the hospital with no consequences as her baby stays behind recovering from her mother trying to dispose of her like trash?


Image via nateOne/Flickr

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