Would You Let Your Baby Be a Model?

Gymboree AdThe other morning when I dropped off my son at day care, an ad for a national department store was sitting on the sign-in table. 

Cute kid, I thought to myself, as I glanced at it and saw a little dude in pajamas. Then I did a double take -- it was one of Rowan's 18-month-old classmates! 

My baby is adorable. I'm serious! He's got curly hair and big blue eyes! When I'm at work I love to stare at pictures of Rowan all day long, but those are my photos that I have taken and lovingly placed in frames at my desk.

Would I want his picture showing up in hundreds of thousands of advertisements? Would I let my baby be a model?


On the plus side: If a big chain is using pictures of your baby, I'm sure you receive a nice chunk of change. If that cash was invested wisely, it could really grow into a major portion of your baby's college fund. 

Also, your baby will be too young to think of a photo session as work. To them it probably seems like playtime, only with really bright lights!

Plus models work with real photographers -- those must be some killer 18-month photos!

On the negative side: As a mom who works outside of the home, family time is precious. Would I really want to spend those hours taking my baby to work?

Not to mention how they are only small for such a short time. I think I want my baby to just be a baby. There will be plenty of time to worry about work when they grow up, which is already happening WAY too fast!

Can you imagine if someone took pictures of your baby for a catalogue or ad and then decided not to use them? Think of the rejection you would feel!

Lucky for me, I don't have to make this decision because no casting agents have come calling, but even if they did I think I would tell them to wait a few, or 20, years.

Would let your baby be a model?



Image via gymboree.com

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