'Teen Mom': Am I the Only New Mommy Addicted?

Farrah and Sophia from MTV's Teen Mom
On Teen Mom, Farrah and Sophia finally get a place of their own.
Okay, so, since I'm in my 30s, I'm not a teen mom. But man, as a first-time mama, I am totally addicted to the show Teen Mom.

I'm not in a dysfunctional relationship like Amber and Gary or Tyler and Catelynn or Farrah and her mom. And I'm not unemployed or taking my baby daddy to court for child support or trying to move into a house with my girlfriends because it would be so fun.

But, I can totally relate.


I would venture that the show, now in its second season, is nabbing more of a grown-up audience than it meant to. Yeah, the moms it features are teens, and they deal with all the typical drama teens face, like break-ups and break-outs and all of that. But really, they're also some of the few real-life examples of parenting we see on TV. Not many reality shows focus on a subject as unglamorous as child rearing -- and here, we see it in all its undignified glory.

Case in point? Maci, the mature college student of the bunch, took her unemployed baby daddy, uber-slacker Ryan, to court last week for child support. And she's honestly conflicted about the whole thing. Where else can you really get an eyeful of that decision-making process on TV?

Meanwhile, unemployed teen parents Amber and her fiance Gary dealt with a pregnancy scare last week -- because they apparently didn't learn from their earlier experience. And while it seems like things are going okay, this week Gary decides he wants to take a "four-day break" to see how things would pan out with a girl who works at Wal-Mart. Lovely.

And then there's Farrah. After her domineering mom gets violent with her, giving the admittedly vain teen a fat lip, she -- and the cops -- decide it's in her best interest to move out, taking baby Sophia with her. One snag (or really, three): She's got no job, she's got no money, and she's got no one to take her in. But still, this week, Farrah and Sophia get a place of their own. It's so empowering. But then she leaves Sophia alone out in the hallway while she unpacks. Ack!

So these teens are no paragons of stellar parenting. Then again, who is? That's what makes this show so riveting to watch for moms -- teen or otherwise. If these confused, stumbling teen parents can keep it together, well, sort of -- and especially when they can't -- it makes you feel all the more confident in your own skills as a proud mama (or papa).

Isn't that the key to good reality TV, anyway? The train-wreck appeal in that, really, no matter how bleary-eyed and bone-tired you might be after getting two hours of sleep thanks to your 5-month-old, someone's in worse shape than you. That, in the end, is why Teen Mom is still going strong in its second season. Farrah, Amber, Maci, and Catelynn, I'm right there with you in first-time mommy solidarity!

Can you relate to Teen Mom?

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