Baby's First Solid Foods: Should I Go Organic?

Summer fresh berries
Summer fresh berries -- organic or not?

Kavi had her first solid feeding yesterday -- and boy was she ever ready.

We've started her on a brown rice cereal, which is organic and therefore a bit pricier than the usual baby cereal. And later this week, she'll start on some kind of green veggie. Which begs the question: How much of what she's eating should be organic? And is it all or nothing?

Given how much organic foods can cost, I'm rethinking making all of Kavi's food at home, which was the original plan.


I've read all about the dirty dozen and the clean 15, but you've got to wonder, when it comes to a baby's delicate system, how safe is really safe?

We're planning to start her on avocado later this week, which is on the clean 15 list and has a thick skin to protect the smooth silky fruit inside from pesticides. So that seems to be a safe bet.

But I worry about giving her other fresh summer veggies and fruit, like carrots, blueberries, or peaches, which all make the dirty dozen list. Opting for organic on these fruits at the green grocers will really be a budget-buster for us. And we aim to go organic on meat and dairy once we start giving her that, so I know we're looking at a major increase on grocery bills pretty soon.

Perusing Whole Foods the other day, I saw some really nifty little packets of organic baby food that, bought on sale, might actually be cheaper to use than making batches at home. I guess I'll have to find the right balance of homemade and pre-made foods for Kavi, and see what works best for us, both budget-wise and health-wise.

Do you make baby food at home? How much of your baby's food is organic?

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