Would You Spend $44 on Breastfeeding Cookies?


breastfeeding cookieThere are a lot of great products out there that can help nursing moms; breast pumps, lanolin, slings used properly ... but special cookies to eat while you nurse by Milkmakers seem superfluous at best, guilt-inducing at worst.

Lenore "Free Range Kids" Skenazy takes on the issue at ParentDish and I'm on board with her rejection of this speciality product. Give moms a recipe to make healthy cookies, great. Sell moms 30 cookies for $44 while attaching a loaded issue (better breastfeeding) and I start to feel queasy.

If this cookie increased milk supply, prevented cracked and bleeding nipples, and numbed them to the piercing pain, you bet I'd line up to buy an endless supply of $44 cookies. But these cookies simply contain oatmeal and flax seed -- something you can get elsewhere, and for less money.

While Milkmakers isn't saying this overtly, the message in the marketing is: "If only I had the right cookie, I could breastfeed for a full year!" Or perhaps: "Breastfeeding is as easy as eating a cookie!"

We don't need more expensive products that make us feel like there's something else we should be doing to breastfeed properly. We need paid maternity leave, laws protecting nursing mothers, and affordable health care that includes access to lactation consultants.

Would you buy these cookies?


Image via Milkmakers

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RanaA... RanaAurora

Yeah, I'm not paying $44 for these cookies.

HOWEVER, I would make THESE cookies at home!  They're way more effective, way cheaper, and ... well... isn't that enough reasons to buy cookies with the excuse of  "I'm helping make the baby healthy by eating these!"

moder... modernmom2010

As a breastfeeding mom who did not produce much milk, I took Fenugreek supplements several times a day thinking it was help. But there is no way I would fall for this.

RanaA... RanaAurora

Fall for?  There's nothing to fall for.

These actually work.

Fenugreek DOES help tons of women, but is most effective when combine with other things such as blessed thistle.

squish squish

I think she ment fall for the price.

I know that most women would probably think this is way overpriced (which I absolutely agree), but there are some who don't mind spending that much on a specialty product, especially when compared to the cost of formula feeding.


madfoot madfoot

Yeah, but regardless of the price, what these cookies contain isn't actually going to do enough to support breastfeeding. The cookies I made had rolled oats, brewer's yeast, and a host of other ingredients, and I still took fenugreek 4x a day. Anyone who buys these is just an idiot.

niami... niamibunni

Nope, I wouldn't buy them. Blessed Thistle with Fenugreek worked for my milk production. Plus, I can't eat cookies made with wheat :P



Selmada Selmada

I might try it - once. I took fennugreek, blessed thistle, assorted other herbs, bought every "mom's milk" tea on the market and even took domperidone (a prescription, the only thing that worked for me). I went to a lactation consultant and a breastfeeding clinic. I bought 3 different breast pumps. $44 to try some cookies - of course.

I was breastfeeding twins and while some can do it, I didn't have enough milk for two (had enough for one though). I would have tried anything. This is cheaper than (premmie) formula if it worked (and I'd only need to try them once to know). As a single mom of twins, I wouldn't have had time to bake cookies (no kidding).


I found that oatmeal really did boost my supply and eating a bowl every day is way cheaper.

josep... josephsgirl86

wow i never had this problem I had a over supply I mean taking of my bra and milk flying across the room! lol! I would never pay that much for those cookies though.

RanaA... RanaAurora

It depends on the woman.  There are women these would help A LOT.  Heck, eating two pieces of bread with flaxseed ups my supply.  I agreed that this price is insane and provided a better recipe.

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