Would You Spend $44 on Breastfeeding Cookies?

breastfeeding cookieThere are a lot of great products out there that can help nursing moms; breast pumps, lanolin, slings used properly ... but special cookies to eat while you nurse by Milkmakers seem superfluous at best, guilt-inducing at worst.

Lenore "Free Range Kids" Skenazy takes on the issue at ParentDish and I'm on board with her rejection of this speciality product. Give moms a recipe to make healthy cookies, great. Sell moms 30 cookies for $44 while attaching a loaded issue (better breastfeeding) and I start to feel queasy.


If this cookie increased milk supply, prevented cracked and bleeding nipples, and numbed them to the piercing pain, you bet I'd line up to buy an endless supply of $44 cookies. But these cookies simply contain oatmeal and flax seed -- something you can get elsewhere, and for less money.

While Milkmakers isn't saying this overtly, the message in the marketing is: "If only I had the right cookie, I could breastfeed for a full year!" Or perhaps: "Breastfeeding is as easy as eating a cookie!"

We don't need more expensive products that make us feel like there's something else we should be doing to breastfeed properly. We need paid maternity leave, laws protecting nursing mothers, and affordable health care that includes access to lactation consultants.

Would you buy these cookies?


Image via Milkmakers

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