You Probably Named Your Baby Bella & More Baby News

April Peveteaux

twilight baby namesFun baby news this week from babies being named after vampires to superhero moms smacking down the rude.

Here are the links I'm loving:

  • Amalah is a very busy writer, and over at AlphaMom she advised a weary nursing traveler on the best practices when traveling with a breast pump, but no baby. Favorite words of wisdom: Treat it like a laptop. -- AlphaMom
  • Mom 101 breaks out her etiquette bitch and subtly schools some young, dopey (my descriptive, not hers) dudes in an elevator who are bent on making a new mom with a cranky baby feel bad. We should all be grateful Mom 101 is out there, ready to serve, protect, and give steely glances. -- Mom 101


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