Best Detergent for Washing Your Baby's Clothes


photo by KatalinsMom

I just read a health tip in HealthDay that said it was not necessary to wash your little one's clothes in a laundry detergent made especially for baby. Hmm.


These are the Nemours Foundation's (a children's health foundation) recommendations for doing your baby's laundry:

  1. If your baby has a skin problem (allergies, eczema, or other sensitive skin issues), wash their clothes in a baby detergent.
  2. Cloth diapers are the only items that should be washed in mild baby detergents in order to prevent diaper rash. They should be washed without fabric softeners in very hot water and with a second rinse.
  3. Cloth diapers should be washed separately from other clothes.
  4. Before you switch to washing baby's clothes in regular detergent, test one item and see how baby's skin reacts. If there is any sign of irritation, keep using the baby detergent or one that is color- and fragrance-free.

I wash my baby's clothes in Ivory Snow because I love the way it smells and I don't plan on switching. How about you?


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