Bethenny Frankel: No Reality TV for Bryn!

Bethenny FrankelWhen Bethenny Frankel thinks about baby Bryn Hoppy growing up, she cringes at the idea of her starring in her own reality show. She says the mere thought of that happening is "traumatizing."

What if Bryn has a mind of her own and wants to follow in her famous mother's footsteps?

“I will kill somebody,” Frankel jokingly told People. “Not her, but I will kill somebody.”


She did soften her stance a little though saying she might be OK with it if it was one in which she got to be “really, totally honest and be yourself.”

But she doesn't think she'll really have to worry about Bryn growing up to be a reality star, though.

“By the time she grows up,” said Frankel, “there won’t even be reality shows.”

It will be interesting to see how much air time Bryn gets on Bethenny Getting Married, or if given these strong opinions, Frankel will keep her off camera for the most part. I hope not!

If my children told me they were going to appear on a reality TV show someday, I think I'd be horrified, but also supportive if it was something they wanted to do. I'd hope they would portray themselves to be kind and caring human beings, but since there isn't much of a reality market for characters of that sort, I'll just hope they're never selected.

Would you want your children to star on a reality show?

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