It Happened. A Woman Gave Birth in the Subway. For Real!!! And More Baby News

woman gave birth on subway

Baby on a train!

Lots of fun baby news happening in the subway and on the webs. Check it out!

  • My worst nightmare came true on Friday. A New York City woman gave birth on the subway. I used to take that 4/5 train, so I know it's not the dirtiest station around, but gah! -- The Huffington Post
  • Parenting has a list of the most ridiculous baby and parenting products. Starting off with a baby helmet doesn't sound so outrageous given that my own 16-month-old put his head through our glass door this weekend. But a $250 cardboard box for your baby to sleep in ... that's what I'm talking about. It is, indeed, crazy. -- Parenting
  • So then, what do new parents really need to buy for baby? Let's Panic can tell you depending on your personality, wallet size, and level of commitment to the whole mothering thing. One thing you'll really need? A new pair of panties after you pee yourself laughing at this post. -- Let's Panic!
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