Have Baby, Will Travel: Best Reader Comments

baby travel best commentsIt's all about the baby accoutrements this week: Pacifiers, vitamins and travel gear. Thankfully, you had things to say about all of it.

Here are the best reader comments of the week:


Julie notified us about a recall on a pacifier that inexplicable also had corn syrup in the nipple. And that wasn't even what the recall was for! A great response from madfoot:

preying on the poor, counting on them not knowing enough to get something better. gross.

I asked you if you give your babies vitamins after receiving some conflicting information from my baby's pediatricians. Jennifer had an interesting response:

With our first son we were told to do the poly vi sol. We did it and I wasn't thrilled with it. Then I wasn't thrilled with our pediatrician in general so we left and found an amazing doctor who is moderate with antibiotics (not an over-prescriber) and her comments re: vitamins with baby number two was, "unless they're living under a rock - they don't need them." I've taken this to heart as my new non-vitamin motto. Our kids eat a well balanced diet, they get fluoride (and god knows what else) from filtered tap water and they spend time soaking in all the vitamin D they need at the park or at school each day. I might think differently if my kids weren't such voracious little eaters.

Sona and her husband made the decision for baby Kavi to head to daycare and was looking for some feedback. Kristin had a lovely, reassuring comment:

As a full-time working mother of 3 kids (6, 4, and 1 yr), I'm a huge daycare advocate!  Not only does it give your kids great socialization & learning opportunities during the day, but the time you DO spend together is so happy & meaningful because it is so precious.  When I'm at home, I'm 100% at home, no Blackberry until they're in bed, weekends are 100% focused on the family!  What helps us keep the balance is dinner together as a family EVERY night, and then weekends full of fun.   Just don't think about the moments you are missing during the day - -make the moments you do send together count!  One other consideration in 2 years - almost every child will start going to preschool part time, so even stay-at-home moms will be forking over $$ and staying at home making no income, so you're going to have to pay $$ eventually!

Amy Jo gave us a list of the 5 things you must have when travelling with baby. Dou-la-la added one more item:

Don't forget your boobs!

Amy Jo told a story of a frazzled mom of two on a ferry who accepted an offer of help and let a woman take her baby to another area. She asked if you would do the same. Most said no way, but SKL had a very "free-range kids" response:

I haven't been in that situation (that I recall), but how wonderful of that other woman to offer help, and how wise of the mom to graciously accept it.

The vast majority of "strangers" are good people!  People just like you.  It is such a shame that win-win solutions like the one you describe here are getting more and more rare, all because of a hysterical paranoia that everyone around wants to steal and abuse everyone else's children.

Your kid is super-cute to YOU, but to everyone else, s/he's just like every other child.  Loud, needy, and incontinent.  Nobody wants to take him/her home, and anyone who is willing to hold him/her while snotty and crying deserves a huge hug, not a security anklet.  Really.



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