Baby Websites: Does Your Baby Have One?

LaptopI shouldn't be surprised to learn the old-fashioned baby books with their carefully cropped photographs and handwritten notes are being replaced by some parents with a website -- for their baby. It is 2010, after all.

Baby websites (and even pregnancy websites) are becoming more and more popular.

It's a great idea -- but as someone who has yet to finish a baby book for either of my children, what I want to know is who are these parents and when are they finding time to do this?


Couples are creating these websites to share all of the exciting things going on during these early life stages in their growing family as well as adding photographs, videos, and details about all the milestones the baby has reached. Some have a guest book where family and friends can leave comments and messages. Others have all of these things plus a spot for you to blog about your experience. 

There are dozens of websites on the Internet like babysites or babyblogger that are in the business of building a website for your baby. Most sites are free for a basic design and very user-friendly even for those who are not exactly tech-savvy. Websites with more bells and whistles are going to cost you upward of $50 a year, but for some families with scattered relatives, that may be worth the cost to keep in touch.

I love the idea of this. I think it must be wonderful to have all of the pictures and details in one place, but does anyone else think this sounds like a lot of work? Fun work, yes, but it takes me six months to download photos and videos from my camera. By the time I would get around to posting a picture, it would be three months outdated already! I'll probably stick to sending emails to friends and family (eventually).

Do you have a baby website or have friends with one? How do you share your baby's pictures and milestones? 


Image via jsbarrie/Flickr

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