Wash Your Hands Before You Touch the Baby!

CleanWell Hand Sanitizer

Whenever anyone I know has a new baby, they stock up on Purell hand sanitizer and have visitors douse themselves before they even so much as look in the baby's direction. And then a few months later it just doesn't seem to matter anymore—babies can be manhandled, unwashed, unsanitized hands and all.


Like Cafe Kristen, I don't really believe in anti-bacterial gels, but I did have some CleanWell lying around in case anyone happened to want to use it. It's an eco-friendly version of Purell (it's an alcohol-free, all-natural, biodegradable spray), which I keep in my diaper bag—it comes in handy before and after diaper changes when there's no faucet around.

If you're worried about germs and superbugs harming your baby and your family, you should really check out Cafe Kristen's Healthy Living Buzz for tips on how to protect them.

How about you? Do you have people sanitize their hands before touching your baby? If so, would you rather they use soap and water or an anti-bacterial gel?

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