Baby Mama of the Week: Jennifer Clark of meremade

baby mama of the week jennifer caloyerasNovelist and mom to two boys (Peter, 4, and Phoenix, 16 months), Jennifer Clark decided she had some spare time to pick up a new hobby -- crafting.

Unlike your traditional craft blog, Clark is new at this, and invites us along for the ride as she discovers her inner 4Her.

Unashamedly struggling with sewing challenges, she puts it all out there on meremade: the good, the bad, and yes, even the ugly. Luckily Jennifer Clark is a reduce, reuse, recycle kind of gal so even the mess-ups find their purpose.

Inspiring and entertaining for the average Etsy shopper and seller, you're going to want to jump into meremade now, so you can get the full experience of Clark's crafting evolution.

Meet Jennifer Clark, our baby mama of the week:


Name one thing about you that would surprise your readers.

Before I met my husband, I was a singer-songwriter and recorded two CDs. My husband likes to embarrass me by busting out my lyrics at the most inappropriate times.

What is your proudest parenting moment?

Honestly, I feel proud that I haven’t totally screwed them up (yet)! As a kid I assumed that adults knew everything and now that I’m a parent, I am floundering through this whole “parenthood” experience. But I love being able to talk things through with my older son. I love those moments where I avoid disaster by packing that extra snack or remembering to take diapers and wipes. It’s the little things that make me proud.

And there are the big moments too, like when Peter stood up at the podium with me, silently holding my hand, while I conducted my book release reading for my first novel, Urban Falcon. And when he handed me a huge bouquet of flowers and yelled, “Happy Graduation!” when I finished my MFA program, I was pretty darn proud. I think it’s important for them to see me as a mom who is also able to pursue additional needs and interests.

What's your secret coping mechanism?

That one’s easy. Wine. ‘nuff said.

When your boys are old enough to Google, which blog post are you most afraid of them reading?   

Oh gosh. I think they’ll understand my need to sneak vodka into the adult version of kids’ snow cones, right?

What is the best piece of parenting advice you can give?

Lower your expectations and be flexible. It’s hard for me to do both of these things, but I try every day. I’d love for my family to always have the attitude that every day is an adventure and that you can find the humor in any situation.


Read more from Jennifer at meremade, and check our her novel (written as Jennifer Caloyeras), Urban Falcon.

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