5 Ways to Reuse Your Empty Baby Wipe Containers

Pampers WipesIf you ask me, you can never have too many baby wipes. You need them for diaper changes, obviously, but even my older son who is out of diapers still uses them. They are great for a wipe of the hands and face after a messy meal or a sticky Popsicle. I also like to keep a pack in the car in case of spills or accidents.

But what do you do with all those empty wipe containers? Even if you buy refills of wipes in bulk, the box will still include a plastic container.

Before you chuck another plastic bin into a landfill, look at these 5 cool ideas for how to reuse and recycle your empty wipe containers.  


1. Crayons and marker storage: You know how you find lost crayons and markers in your kitchen drawers or under the furniture? You can reduce your clutter by designating a container for stray coloring materials.  

2. Big ice cubes for outside play: I learned this trick from my baby's daycare! They froze gigantic ice cubes in empty wipe containers and put them in a baby pool. They even added food coloring. They were such a hit! 

3. To hold plastic bags: I save plastic bags from the grocery store and use them to line the diaper garbage can next to my son's changing table. If you keep them in an empty wipe container, you can stuff tons of them in there, but pop the lid and remove just one at a time.    

4. To organize the pantry: You can remove the top of an empty wipe container and create a handy bin for free-floating hot chocolate packages, fruit snacks, or granola bars. 

5. As bath toys receptacle: Soapy and wet frogs and ducks can find a home in your bathroom but outside of your bathtub. 

What do you do with your empty baby wipe containers?


Image via pampers.com

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