Breast Milk Kills Cancer: Could Lactating Moms Hold the Cure?


breast milkThere are so many benefits of breastfeeding and not just for baby -- it's great for moms and not just for bonding -- it has been shown to reduce the risk for breast cancer later in life. And recently, it was revealed when studying the antibacterial agents of mothers' milk that breast milk has the ability to kill 40 different types of cancer cells.

It should make any lactating mom re-think the "pump and dump" and even makes me want to donate my own breast milk for further studies ... though it's hard enough for me to keep up with hungry twins.

A Swedish study revealed that liquid gold is even more valuable that we thought.

A substance in breast milk, Human Alpha-lactalbumin Made Lethal to Tumor cells (known as HAMLET), was recently tested on patients who had bladder cancer. After each treatment, the patients' urine was tested to reveal that the dead cancer cells were excreted. HAMLET did not affect healthy cells.

Are you smiling yet? How amazing is this news? I don't even want to get started on a rant about how this just furthers the fact of how incredible our bodies are and how magical women are when we have babies. But ... amazing, right?

Lab experiments have revealed that HAMLET kills 40 different types of cancer cells when tested in a petri dish and the next step is to test it on patients with skin cancer and brain tumors. It's all in hopes that HAMLET will become a cancer treatment medication in the future.


Would you donate your breast milk to science?


Image via Daquella manera/Flickr

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EricaG87 EricaG87

That's really cool!  i exclusively breastfed my daughter until she was 6 months old, and she self weaned at 14 month.  i exclusively breasted my son until he was 9  months old and weaned him at 2.  This info makes me want to do even better with the little one I am pregnant with right now.  Breastmilk is an amazing thing!  I usually have a lot of milk so I will look into donating for studies once this baaby is born.  Breastmilk is an amazing thing!

ethan... ethans_momma06

I would love to donate my milk, but don't have a pump this time around. Maybe in the future? This is really amazing news...

Spiri... SpiritedTigress

Hell yeah, I'd donate! I've donated nearly 7 gallons to other babies, just tell me where to sign up :D

RanaA... RanaAurora

I'm actually depressed that I can't pump well at all this time around because I want to donate so badly.  It's SO important.

Let's see some manmade conconction do THIS - oh wait, it CAN'T!

tazdvl tazdvl

I heard of this before, wish I could have pumped enough to donate.

Lokis... LokisMama

That is amazing. One more point on the breastfeeding side of the spectrum.

Wheep... Wheepingchree

That is so cool - really furthers my fascination with breastmilk.

Carey... Carey2006

YES, I would! WOW! That's interesting about bladder cancer!

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