Thieves Drop Stolen Baby Off at Wing Joint

minivanA woman in Atlanta ran to get an older child from preschool and left her sleeping baby in her minivan. Thieves came along and took off with the van ... and the baby.

Thankfully, they had somewhat of a conscience (or didn't want to deal with diapers) because they made a pit stop at a local fast food wing joint and left the baby there, on the counter. One of the thieves told the restaurant's employees that he found the baby, and they should call the police.

The baby slept through it all!

A happy ending, but stories like this always raise the debate as to if it's EVER OK to leave a child in a car unsupervised.


In an ideal world, no one ever would, but in the real world, sometimes it's so tempting ... when they're sleeping, when it's just going to be for a quick second, when you think you're somewhere safe.

I do it in my own driveway on occasion, inside our guarded, gated community, and I still question if I should even run in to grab something. But I do. And once in awhile at the dry cleaner, if I pull up right in front of the door, I'll walk the 20 feet to the counter and grab my clothes without taking my eyes off the car, but I probably shouldn't even do that.

I'm guessing this woman never will again.

Do you ever leave your baby in the car, even for a minute?

Image via allaboutgeorge/Flickr

*Note: Image has been changed from original.

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