What Was Your Baby's First Food?

Baby's First FoodNext week, Kavi will be 6 months old -- and it's time to introduce her to solids! (Yes, we decided to wait after all that discussion about how old is old enough.)

First things first, we're starting her on cereal and oatmeal. But I'm really excited to introduce my little one to all the wonderful flavors that exist out there.


Summer seems like the most exciting time to do this -- there are all those delectable summer fruits, like berries and mangos and watermelon, and veggies, like fresh summer peas. We're planning to prep and freeze Kavi's foods at home, so this is bound to be quite the adventure for us too. (In fact, I've already placed my order for Cooking Light's First Foods: Baby Steps to a Lifetime of Healthy Eating. I can't wait 'til it gets here!)

I wonder what kind of eater my babycakes will be? Will she crave spicy stuff, like her nanaji? Or have a sweet tooth like Meena Masi? Or will she have an adventurous palate, like her papa? (He's eaten snake in China, amongst other scary snacks.)

I know I have to do some more research before we start to know what she can have and when, what's known to be allergenic, and all of that stuff. And of course, as is the wisdom these days, we'll start with veggies first -- perhaps sweet potato or avocado -- and make sure she tries each food individually for three days before mixing and matching.

Still, it seems like such an exciting adventure to start with the baby. She's so interested in what we're eating at mealtimes, staring and reaching and grabbing. And she loves sitting in her high chair at the table with the grown-ups, being part of the chat-n-chew like she was when we went to lunch at Auntie Lizzie's last weekend. Fun times ahead!

What was your little one's first food? And what was his or her favorite?

Image via JoelTelling/Flickr

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