Do You Give Your Baby Vitamins?

do babies need vitaminsMost people don't need to supplement their diets with vitamins, so why would your baby?

At least that was my assumption until my son's appointment with a new pediatrician today.

We're always very careful to make sure our children receive nutrients from vegetables, dairy, fruit, and some form of protein. Even though we do use sunscreen, we live in Southern California now where just day-to-day living gives them more shots at vitamin D than the average kid. So why did my SoCal ped go against everything my Brooklyn ped always told me about giving the kids vitamins?


My baby isn't at risk, as far as I know, of any vitamin or mineral deficiencies but now I feel like I have to run out and grab the Poly-Vi-sol drops she told me about at today's visit.

It's not just conflicting information from two different pediatricians, it's also conflicting on the web. pediatrics starts off by saying most children don't need supplements, then breaks down every vitamin and why kids should, actually, take vitamin supplements. I don't think my baby fits into any of the descriptions, but what is "enough" fluoride, anyway?

BabyCenter also says the experts disagree on this one. So it's no surprise my pediatricians' recommendations differ. They're both experts, and they disagree.

I don't want my baby boy to be missing some crucial vitamin or mineral, but I also don't want to give him something for absolutely no good reason. Sheesh!

Do you give your baby vitamin supplements?


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