Pacifiers Recalled for Choking Danger


PacifiersCheck your baby's binkies. More than 40,000 Karino Baby Pacifiers are being recalled because they present a choking hazard.

They have a ring-shaped handle with "Kariño" and "Mygra" printed on either side. The nipples are filled with corn syrup. Distributed by Antonio Flores, they were sold for around 25 cents in California and Texas grocery stores.

"The nipple can separate from the base easily, the pacifier handle is too long, the mouth guard is too small, and there are no ventilation holes on the mouth guard," says a release by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. "The pacifier could pose a choking and aspiration hazard to young children."

Consumers are advised to stop the using the pacifiers immediately and contact the company for a refund. The company's recall hotline is (619) 395-4543.

Good information to have, and thankfully there have been no reports of children injured by the pacifiers, but what struck me most about this recall is that the nipples were filled with corn syrup?!

Beyond the choking hazard, that doesn't sound very healthy either.

Does your child use one of theses pacifiers? Would you give your child a pacifier filled with corn syrup?

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xavie... xavierlogan09

i've never heard of these pacifiers. they look really cheap and unsafe to me. lucky for me my son quit using a pacifier when he was three months old. i didn't know they made pacifiers with corn syrup. that's just asking for your child's teeth to rot before they get all of them.

ilove... iloveglutenfree

why would you put corn syrup in a pacifier? That is gross!!

madfoot madfoot

preying on the poor, counting on them not knowing enough to get something better. gross.

tonya... tonyalynn

neither one of my girls liked paci's.

ethan... ethans_momma06

Yeah these are really sick, and they are sold cheaply because they are a cheap product that is supposed to be replaced frequently. It's no suprise that they present an actual choking risk....

RanaA... RanaAurora

Considering corn syrup is also a potenial source of botulism spores and therefore deadly, how about... NO?

kelli... kelli0585

Ew.  Those things look like they have "BPA" written all over them.

tazdvl tazdvl

No I wouldn't.

Wheep... Wheepingchree

Why is there corn syrup in them?  I'm not getting that....that's so awful

mommy... mommy2alexi

call them for a refund?! lol "i want my quarter back!"

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