My 6-Month-Old Is Going to Day Care

If you've been following our day care dilemma, here's the verdict: It's a go. My 6-month-old is going to day care. And it's making me sad.

Baby With A MacI know parents send their kids off to day care much younger than 6 months old, but we were hoping it wouldn't come to this.

I don't know what fantasy land we were in when thought we were amongst the few dual-career couples who could get away without needing outside child care.


But I'm a work-at-home mom. Work-at-home meaning, in theory, that I'd get my work stuff done while taking care of our little one. In fact, it was the major reason my husband and I decided I would go freelance two years ago -- we thought it would be a great way for one of us to be able to be home with the kids. And while we were at it, save a ton of cash by not having to pay for child care.

Instead, I've been frantic these past six months, trying to balance a nearly full-time freelance business with the needs (and cuddliness) of a newborn. And I'll be starting an MFA program in fiction at the end of August, with the idea that it will actually force me to write. (I need structure, discipline, deadlines.) So I need to make time to, uh, actually write. Plus, little Kavi will get some socialization and structure, right? Because, let's face it, when I'm just trying to get things done, she's not getting very much educational enrichment from me.

And man, day care is so expensive! When we started looking, we realized it was more expensive than we'd been expecting. Still, serendipitously, we managed to find a child care facility that's literally a block from our apartment that's relatively affordable. And they've got a part-time option -- five mornings or three full days a week -- that would work well for us. They focus on learning right from the start at this school, teaching kids the basics through play and other activities. We've still got to finalize the details, but the situation almost seems to be good to be true.

I know in all practicality, this makes sense. And it will be part-time, at least at first. But it's still breaking my heart just a little bit. Honestly, I love spending time with my baby, even if she doesn't yet understand the concept of a deadline. I like stopping for cuddle breaks and watching her bond with my Mac (she's very tech-savvy already). I'll miss it.

Anyone got any warm words of consolation or some kind of "buck up" wisdom? I could use some right about now.

Okay, lament over. Thanks for listening.

How -- and when -- did you decide to put your little one in day care?


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