Baby Mystery in the UK & More News

twinsA fascinating birth story and some hilarious baby photos. Here are the links I love:

  • I just discovered BabyBlooze, a blog in the LOL vein with pictures of seriously cranky babies. Check out the Halloween series and you'll be inspired to grab your camera, instead of your baby, the next time he howls while dressed especially cute. -- BabyBlooze
  • Multiplemamma came up with the top ten reasons you know you're a mother of multiples. I'm exhausted after reading it, and supremely grateful my two kids were born three years apart. Although in some ways, she does make it sound fun. Debilitating, but fun. -- Multiplemamma
  • A black couple in the UK just gave birth to a white, blonde-haired, blue-eyed baby. While doctors say both mom and dad must have white ancestory, parents say that isn't the case. Doctors have ruled out the possibility of the baby being an albino. Baby Nmachi is currently puzzling her older siblings and most likely, her father. -- Time

Image via mnmblack/CafeMom

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