Summertime Sleep Challenges -- Solved!

baby sleepingAs the summer days stretch out, daylight can make the little ones think it's not bedtime and/or it's time to get up waaay before you're ready. Add a summer vacation to the mix and, well, you're screwed.

While we finally give in and let our rules slip a little bit, over at Rookie Moms they employed an expert to give summertime sleep advice at home, and when you're on the road.


Our family motto is on the list, but there are two more suggestions to get your wide-awake at 9 p.m. baby back on schedule. The three rules are:

Stop fighting the inevitable

Darken the room

Nap earlier

Their travel tips included one I wish we had done on our last trip -- pack his favorite blanket, lovies, and anything else that looks familiar. We ran out the door without his things and paid a very cranky price for that omission.

What do you do when your baby wants to stay up (and get up) with the sun?


Image via AshBayGrammy/CafeMom

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