Kourtney Kardashian Doesn't Want Her Baby's First Word to Be the Bad Word for Poop

kourtney kardashian masonIf a baby's first word is sh*t, no one is happy. Not even the potty mouth parents. Unless those potty mouth parents are the kind of parents who think drunk babies are cute and feel it's okay for the kid to have a cigarette.

Kourtney Kardashian is doing her best to make sure her son Mason doesn't mutter a bad four-letter word instead of a good one like mama or dada. But she admits that the Kardashian family doesn't always keep their language G-rated.



Sorry French people!

Apparently little Mason gets exposed to American curse words from dad Scott and Aunt Khloe. Tsk. Tsk.

I've done it. I've used the Lord's name in vain and might have even dropped an F-bomb in front of my precious twins. I'm not proud of it. I don't curse a lot in general -- probably because when I once muttered the word scumbag in front of my dad back when I was in high school, he freaked out. Curse words are subconsciously banned from my vocabulary most of the time. Though they do slip out and when they do, they seem to hang there in midair in front of me with a flashback of my dad yelling. 

My husband curses. Not a lot, but he does. And we've had friends over who have said words that would make my dad so angry, along with conversation that should not fall on a child's ears. Since my babies are just 7 months old and don't talk yet, we haven't been that concerned. But does that make it okay?

I don't think so. If we start instilling a no-cursing policy (along with the no-shoes policy already in place), then people will get used to not cursing. And maybe it will help others to not have such potty mouths when they aren't in my babies' company either. Not a bad thing. English is so much prettier when we don't dirty it up with expletives.

Kourtney agrees:

"Sooner than I know it, Mason will start talking and understanding what we’re all saying. Having a bad mouth is not a good quality regardless of whether or not you’re around a baby, so it wouldn’t be the worst thing for everyone to stop. But I also don’t want to set unrealistic rules for everyone around me."

She then reaches out for advice on how to wash Scott and Khloe's mouth out with soap.

I think Kourtney needs to start with dad. Talk to Scott and tell him to monitor that mouth -- he needs to be on-board. Then tell Khloe that she can't come around unless she's with Lamar so her mouth will be too busy smooching her husband and she won't be able to mutter any words, let alone a curse word. Then Kourtney should call me so we can have a playdate with our babies. But Kim can't come because my husband has a crush on her and I might get too jealous.

Do you accidentally curse in front of your babies? What would be your advice for Kourtney?


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