Guess Who Cristiano Ronaldo Baby Mama Is ...

Cristiano RonaldoThe identity of the mother of Cristiano Ronaldo's baby has been revealed, and she's said to be an American waitress he impregnated during a one-night stand.

Ever the charmer, the 25-year-old soccer stud wooed her with the words:

"Me. You. F&$K. F$#K."

Not understanding (or perhaps not believing someone would be so blunt?), he had to clarify for her by drawing a heart on the foggy restaurant window.

"Me. You. Kiss," he tried a little more tactfully. 


Apparently that worked. When she discovered she was pregnant, she contacted him through his agent to tell him of the baby, who Ronaldo named after himself. He is said to have paid her $15 million to keep her identity hidden.

If true, it sure didn't work, did it? I wonder if he'll try to get his money back?

The Sunday Daily Mirror says friends say Ronaldo doesn't plan to tell his son of his mother's identity until he's 18. Good luck with keeping that secret.

Meanwhile, it doesn't seem Ronaldo has been tamed at all by the event or fatherhood.

“This week he has on ­Facebook contacting women who will talk dirty," a friend told the Mirror. “He is determined to be the best father he can -- but he doesn’t equate that with having to settle down.”

I wonder how long it will be before the name of the waitress is revealed and she goes on to write a book ... or star on a reality show.

Are you surprised by the identity of Cristiano Ronaldo's baby's mama?



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